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Let’s help Somalia 

Please, let’s help Somalia! People there are in a really difficult situation, with no food to eat and no water to drink, due to a terrible drought and some tough conflicts.

The UN estimates that about 13,3 million people are in need in the Horn of Africa and this quantity tends to increase. Many of them live in refugee camps on the border of Somalia and Ethiopia, running away from political conflicts and an from the biggest drought in 60 years. Most of the people in this camps are kids living apart from their parents.

The UN has been lacking donations. They need 1 billion dollars by December so that they are able to grow food before next year’s drought comes. The situation in southern Somalia is being called a HUNGER EPIDEMIC.

They really need the world’s help right now. 25 thousands of people die everyday, 13 thousands of them are children. No other place on Earth lives a similar situation to the one that the countries in the Horn of Africa are going through. We can stop this. If everybody donates just a little amount of money, I’m sure we can make a big difference and save lots of lives over there. I mean, is giving out 10 or 20  dollars going to make you any poorer?

Let’s stop waiting for other people to make the world a better place and let’s do something ourselves. The change in the world starts by YOUR actions. 

You can help by donating at the UN’s site.

  • If you want your money to be used to buy food:

  • If you want your money to be used by UN in any emergency cause (not necessarily Somalia):

It’s as easy as shopping online!!!

If you can’t help financially, spread out the news and inform yourself so that you can sensitize other people. You can learn more about it here:

Every amount can make a difference:

  • 33 cents can register one on official data so that it is possible to evaluate their needs and reunite them with any lost relatives
  • 4  dollars can buy a blanket for a refugee
  • 10 dollars can buy a kit with therapeutic food for a sick refugee child
  • 100 dollars can get a family a survival kit that includes blankets and a heating and cooking oven
  • 200 dollars can buy a tent for a refugee family of 5 people that keeps them safe in any kind of weather
  • 250 dollar can open a well with drinkable water for the refugees

Thank you.

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